Emulsifier Pumps

Designed for heating and pasteurization of milk, cream and other food products in stream.

Emulsifier Pumps

Emulsifier of series ADM1-OM18 is designed to produce technologically stable emulsions of milk and vegetable fat in the manufacture of spreads and products combined with a fatty phase (condensed milk, cheese, dairy desserts, cream). Emulsifier can be applied for a wide range of homogeneous products: mayonnaise, sauces, ketchup.

Technical indicators of :

  • probability of no-failure operation of emulsifier for at least 3000 hours
  • mean time to repair on-site operation of forces and means of the duty shift no more than 2 hours
  • average life emulsifier overhaul — at least 2 years.

During the installation, operation and maintenance is necessary to consult with the technical specifications.


Main settings


1 Productivity, m 3 / h 18
2 Max. inlet pressure, kPa / bar 400/4
3 Operating temperature range, ° C 85
4 Max. rotational speed, r / min 3000
5 Overall dimensions, mm:
length, mm
On the cover Without housing
610 550
  width, mm 300 300
  height, mm 370-390 360-380
  Weight, kg 42 36
6 Technical characteristics of the motor:

Installed power, kW

frequency, Hz