Butter Making Machine ADM Series

– plate scraped surface heat exchanger



Butter-makers serie ADM are specially designed for all types of butter, dehydrated milk fat, modified fats, spreads, margarines, and butter paste production made by modification of fat emulsion with fat content from 30 to 99%.

Butter-maker serie ADM – plate scraped surface heat exchanger – is a main element of the butter production line.


ADM-2 series butter maker

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ADM-1,5 series butter maker (direct packaging)

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ADM-1 series butter maker (direct packaging)

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ADM-0,5 series butter maker

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Main advantages of the Butter-maker serie ADM

  • Technological capabilities of the Butter-maker serie ADM enable to select optimized cooling and crystallization parameters as well as product machining depending on the used raw. (High fat cream conversion process in the butter maker undergoes four stages, so the apparatus has four main units executing definite functions:
    • Plate-scraper heat exchanger (package cooler) with moderate and controlled rotation speed of scraper blades crosses for rapid cooling of high fat cream;
    • Desrtucturizer for transformation of high fat cream phase;
    • Second plate-scraper heat exchanger (package structurizer) with intensive and regulated mixing for formation of butter primary structure;
    • Processor «Pin Rotor» with more intensive and regulated mixing for the final stage of the mechanical machining of the final product.
    Such construction of the apparatus enables to choose more precise thermal processing mode settings at every stage of the process.
  • The whole process of butter complex is totally automated. Automatization system functions enable to coordinate pasteurization, cooling, decrystallization, structure development processes and mechanical machining for different products and receipts. The starting system automatization (working zone warming) prevents butter maker destruction after emergency stop. Supporting functions of an automatization system enable to retain product receipt as well as emergency and current product processing parameters.
  • Enhanced construction of a heat-exchange scraper blade. With improved design of a blade, we achieved equal heat transport through the whole plate area, and diminished finished product losses, and achieved equipment density and more serviceability due to the construction changes.
  • Scraper blade is made of high-strength food polyamide and has special features that enable to use it in different media. To make product volumes and refrigerant channels hermetic the unified high quality food silicon sealing is used.
  • Butter consistence produced in the ADM series butter maker enables direct product packaging using «ARM», «FASA», «BENHIL» type equipment, as well as other packaging machines. Packaging to a polyamide membrane (with clipper) or in a box is provided.
  • Large product range production.
  • ADM series butter maker is made of high quality food stainless steels.
  • ADM series butter maker is developed using European manufacturers facilities.

Technical Specifications

Parameter ADM-03 ADM-05 ADM-1 ADM-1,5 ADM-2
1     Butter productivity (different types), kg/h 200-300 300 — 500 400 — 1000 600 -1500 800 — 2000
3     Electrical motor power, KW 5,5 9 15 21 32
4     Ice water consumption in working hour 1±0,25 3±0,5 5±1 7±1 10±2
5     Temperature, °С:
—               initial cream 50 – 70 50 – 70 50 – 70 50 – 70 50 – 70
—               butter 9 — 16 9 — 16 9 — 16 9 — 16 9 — 16
—               ice water 2±1 2±1 2±1 2±1 2±1
9     Total heat exchange area, m2 2,1 3,3 6 7,5 12
10   Aggregated area, m2 2 2 3 3 4
11   installation weight, kg 370 510 1120 1500 1800