Capacitive Equipment

Designed for heating and pasteurization of milk, cream and other food products in stream.

Capacitive Equipment

One of the most essential types of equipment in the food processing and dairy industry is the capacitive equipment. Capacitive equipment is designed to perform the major operations for the processing of liquid foodstuff storage, heating, standardization, ripening, maturation, preparation of emulsions and dispersions.

Private enterprise Ā«AdamasĀ» produces and sells containers and reservoirs for various purposes and a wide range of sizes.

Production of capacitive equipment is one of the important areas of our work and have extensive experience in the manufacture of tanks and reservoirs under the order. Manufacture of capacitive equipment turnkey includes all stages from design to installation.

Our equipment always meet all the needs of the customer.

On Customer request, the capacitive equipment can be:

  • Capacity from 0.01 to 35m3;
  • Both vertical and horizontal positions;
  • Insulated or non-insulated;
  • With cooling / heating jackets;
  • Equipped with various types of mixers (frame, screw, propeller, turbine, milling);
  • Equipped with cleaning devices;

Manufactured according to standard and individual designs.

Structurally, containers are made with flanged conical, torispherical, flat bottom. Our products are distinguished by high quality, safety and long service life along with low cost.