Metal Processing Services


Plasma Cutting

Metal Plasma cutting is a powerful tool for harvesting and cutting sheet material. Plasma cutting enables us to process almost all kinds of metals. It provides high accuracy and cut quality. The area of the heat treated material is significantly less than when using, for example, autogen, as a result, thermal deformation is negligible.

This kind of cutting safe, due to the lack of necessity in potentially explosive gas cylinders. When large volumes of work, such cutting is more profitable and less time consuming.

Turning and milling work

Our company carries out turning and milling according to customer’s drawings.
If you need to execute turning or milling of parts made from metal, but you have not equipment for metal processing, do not have the necessary lathes and milling machines, then you should seek the assistance of our company. Our company has extensive experience and all necessary equipment for metal processing.

We are ready to perform the processing parts according to your drawings of any complexity, qualitatively and in the shortest time. We employ only experienced and qualified staff who have repeatedly demonstrated their skill in performing set before them, sometimes not easy and very responsible task. You can count on fast, quality and accurate manufacture of parts of any complexity. We guarantee the quality by all manufactured parts, as well as all turning and milling work produced by our company. Milling — are carried out on modern equipment with the utmost precision. For milling metal we can offer our clients the following types of works: planar milling, lengthwise milling, hole cutting, drilling, framing in billet dimensions, the drawing of faces on the part, involving milling dividing heads, etc.
Milling work is carried out on metal of any brand and grade. If You order our milling, we can be sure that the finished product will be high quality with maximum accuracy.

Welding works

The company Adamas offers to perform required welding jobs by our experts on professional equipment. We give Quality, warranty and the necessary supporting documentation. We work quickly and efficiently. Prices on welding works is the most loyal.

Metal stamping