Non Standard Equipment

Designed for heating and pasteurization of milk, cream and other food products in stream.

Non Standard Equipment

Non-standard equipment allows you to escape from having to use expensive imported equipment, allows manufacturers to upgrade existing production lines or create new production.

Non-standard equipment has several advantages:

  • helps to reduce production costs, reduce the cost of production;
  • functionally, has no unnecessary extra features;
  • produced under various technological processes and dimensions of existing areas;
  • without additional cost inlined into any production process.

The company Ā«AdamasĀ» develops and manufactures non-standard equipment, can pick any capacitive equipment production, can make testing of equipment, provide spare parts, consumables and auxiliary materials, to provide warranty and post-warranty service.

Development of drawings of the non-standard equipment for food productions, is made by either the Customer or specialists of the company Adamas according to the specification of the Customer.