Water cooling system

Falling Film Chiller


Water cooling system

The company "Adamas" is designer and producer of pillow plate type heat exchangers for cooling, heating and heat recovery applications.
Application fields, industrial chilling of food:

  • fish, meat, poultry
  • fruit, vegetables
  • milk, milk products
  • softdrink production
  • production of baked goods


To solve different tasks Private Company "Adamas" produces several types of pasteurizing equipment:

  • Water down to 0,5 °C without danger of freezing
  • Safety, reliability
  • For polluted liquids like grey water as well
  • Low affinity for soiling
  • For polluted liquids like grey water as well
  • Open design
  • No gaskets
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel completely, for salt water as well
  • Durability
  • Low refrigerant content
  • Individual design if required


Water is pumped into the distribution tray and at a controlled rate is distributed homogeneously by a distribution through onto vertical panels in an open system. There the high flow velocity ensures highly efficient heat transfer with a self cleaning effect, which allows the operation with polluted liquids as well.

In this equipment the homogeneous falling film allows to chill water down to 0,5 °C without danger of freezing. The unit will not even be damaged, if the regulation fails and causes the formation of ice.